Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Open Doors: Pray for Iraq

"Jesus' message never waivers; He teaches that we are to love the Lord and love one another. If we have love, then we have perfect unity. Beginning last Thursday, on May 25th, our Iranian Christian brothers and sisters have pledged 40 days of prayer and fasting for the salvation of Iran. Over 120 Iranian church leaders ask that Christians worldwide would join them in praying for their country. Open Doors USA is responding to this call and urging Christians in the U.S. to earnestly pray for the Iranian people. 'Pray that we will become united,' said one of the Iranian church leaders. 'If we were united, we could beat this regime. If we were united, we would not give in to Satan, because the love of Christ would be central.' Praise God for our unity in prayer and His many blessings that follow. In response to the 40 days of fasting and prayer, please focus your prayers this week in praying for the people of Iran.

-Unity, wisdom, and courage for church leaders; ministry of healing and reconciliation; peace and strength for Iranian Christians.

-Pulling down the strongholds of fear and violence; blind the eyes of secret police; reduce the tide of Islamic fundamentalism; protection over house meetings.

-Social barriers to be softened; conversions of prominent Muslims and government officials; and the establishment of a stable government.

-More Bibles and Christian literature to be delivered; courage and boldness to share Jesus; freedom of religion.

-Effective development of church planting and discipleship; the multiplication of pastors and Churches; and training for pastors and Church leaders.

For more details of this time of prayer and fasting, and for more prayer points please go to

In addition we would like to add prayers for the people of Indonesia as we mourn the loss of life and those left homeless. I also wanted to let you know that yesterday Emily [my note: who usually does these postings for OD] was in an auto accident, today she is at home recovering. Although the accident was serious Emily was able to walk away with only minor injuries. Thank God for His protection."

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