Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Compass Direct - Turkey: Anti-Missionary 'Witch-hunt' Haunts Bingol

Muslim woman attacked for 'Christianizing', while followers of Jesus live in 'disgrace'.

April 20 (Compass Direct) - Fanned by local media and a Muslim mufti, an anti-missionary 'witch-hunt' targeting Christians in the Turkey's eastern city of Bingol left a Muslim woman beaten in her tailor shop last month while police allowed her attacker to walk free. Guler Morsumbul has not yet found a lawyer willing to represent her in court against the man who attacked her six weeks ago, supposedly for 'Christianizing' his daughter. A relative says many others have suffered from a growing climate of fear since reports of missionary activity first appeared in a national newspaper three years ago. 'Whoever has a grudge against someone else, whoever wants to destroy someone's business, simply calls the other person a Christian', the relative said."

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