Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Open Doors: Letters from the Chinese Church

"China: Voices in the Dark: Letters from China's Suffering Church

(A letter from a believer in Shandong Province) 'I often give out Christian tracts, but on one occasion recently, the police took me to the police station and shouted and swore at me... They arrested me at 8 am... They told me it was forbidden to distribute tracts, to attend house churches, and that I must go to the 'Three Self' church... They interrogated me, made a record and prepared a case against me. I am really quite weak. When I recall the fierce faces of the police, I am frightened. I don't have a scrap of faith and don't dare to give out tracts again. Previously, I used to pray that our Heavenly Father would keep me faithful unto death, but now faced with reality, I feel a coward.'

(A letter from a believer in Zhejiang Province) 'Praise the Lord that, until now, I have had no trouble. When the fear came upon me, through prayer God granted me great peace. Up until now, the Public Security has not found me. But the original fellowship I attended at university is facing persecution. Their meetings now have to be very secret. To think that my name may be recorded on a government black-list is enough to make one lose hope. But more importantly, my name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I don't know what the future will hold. Perhaps I will lose my present job, or even languish in jail. But I believe deeply that God is in control of everything. Whatever I have to face is all according to His perfect will.'

Please pray:

-For the faith, perseverance, and courage of these persecuted Christians as they continue to endure incessant hardships, obstacles, and discouragement for their faith.

-For these believers in particular, and for the entire Persecuted Church in China—that they will always find comfort and rest at the foot of Jesus in the midst of trials."

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