Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Compass Direct - Indonesia: Christian Foundation Threatened by Muslim Group

"April 25 (Compass Direct) - A Muslim community group called Majlis Taklim on April 9 entered the premises of a Christian social institution in West Java, Indonesia, demanding its closure for the fifth time this year. The Apostolic Nation Building Foundation (ABB) operates from a residential building in West Bekasi district, West Java. Around 70 Majlis Taklim members came to the ABB headquarters on April 9 and told the foundation to cease all activities, accusing them of running an illegal church and trying to 'Christianize' the community. Staff immediately called the police, who arrived and monitored the situation; there was no violence. Majlis Taklim coordinator Radesman Saragih said church members should take the warning seriously or be prepared to face unspecified negative consequences."

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