Friday, May 19, 2006

Open Doors: Indonesia, India

"Indonesia: * Indonesian Police announced that seven suspected Islamic terrorists have recently confessed to the beheading of three Indonesian schoolgirls in Poso, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, in October 2005. Theresia Morangke, 15, Alfita Poliwo, 17, and Yarni Sambue, 15 were beheaded early in the morning of October 29, 2005 as they walked to a Christian school in Poso district. A fourth girl, Noviana Malewa, 15, received serious injuries to her face and neck but survived the attack. Only five of the seven terrorists have been detained for the murders, while two additional suspects are yet to be publicly identified.

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Please pray:

-For the families of these girls - that they will find comfort and healing in the love of Christ.

-That justice will be served to the men guilty of this vicious crime, but ultimately, that the grace of God will call them into a saving relationship with Christ.

India: * Pastor Ranjan has been ministering in the Kanker District of Chattisgarh for the past three years, amid continuous threats and attacks on his ministry. Last year, Hindu fundamentalists conspired to have Pastor Ranjan imprisoned on false charges of serial rape and forced abortion, amounting to culpable homicide. Despite Pastor Ranjan's obvious innocence, even leaders within his own church denomination became reluctant to associate with him. He was able to avoid arrest for eight months, until finally surrendering in February of 2006. He is now awaiting trial in prison, with enough false testimony and documentation against him to sentence him to life.

Please pray:

-That Pastor Ranjan wnot lose hope, and that he will continue to trust in the Lord.
-That justice will win out, and his legal advisers will have wisdom in handling his case.

Encourage Pastor Ranjan by sending him a letter or a card:
Do not mention Open Doors
Greeting cards, artwork by children and postcards are best (send postcards in an envelope, do not write the Open Doors address on the postcard)
Print clearly (you can write in English)
Be encouraging, keep your message brief, include 1-2 Bible verses
Don’t say anything negative about the government or Hindus
Provide your name & country, not your full address
Don’t send money directly to Pastor Ranjan

Send Letters to:

Pastor Rohit Ranjan, India
c/o Open Doors
PO Box 27001
Santa Ana, CA 92799
Attn: Prayer Ministries "

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