Saturday, April 01, 2006

VOM: Children of Christian Martyrs Need Your Help

From Voice of the Martyrs:

"I want to forget this nightmare....Both my parents were killed by the Jihad soldiers. I just left their dead bodies as I fled for my own life. We lived in misery, traveling from village to village. Then, I learned about the Caleb House. I now live there with 50 other orphaned children. I ask the Lord to bless VOM and all those who have supported us."
—Testimony of Ivon Nanlohy

In 2001, our Indonesian office helped establish the Caleb House to serve as a safe place for children of martyred Christians in Indonesia. These children faced horrific trials no child should experience, but they remain strong in their faith. The staff at the Caleb House provides for all their needs, including education and counseling to help them deal with the tragic events they have witnessed.

Staff members from The Voice of the Martyrs–U.S. headquarters recently visited with these children and were encouraged by their gentle spirits and the faith they displayed. When asked how we could help the children, they all had the same request.

VOM learned these children have to walk an hour up a mountain to school each day, and then they must return by foot. This is especially hard on the younger children. The orphans also fear they could be attacked on the road by radical Muslims who have specifically targeted Christian youth.

The Voice of the Martyrs is now inviting you to help us provide a new, quality bus for these children. Funds collected in excess will be specifically designated for our ministry work in Indonesia.

If you would like to help contribute to purchase a bus for the orphans of the Caleb House, please click here now.

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