Monday, April 03, 2006

Forum 18: Belarus - Religious Freedom Lawyer Jailed

The response by the official in the article below is priceless. Talk about afraid!

Following Baptist pastor Georgi Vyazovsky's completion of a 10 day jail term, religious freedom lawyer Sergei Shavtsov has been jailed, Forum 18 News Service has learnt. Shavtsov organised a Christian business leaders seminar, after being denied official permission, and was detained after police raided the seminar. His wife Dina Shavtsova told Forum 18 'Why shouldn't they hold a seminar? All it was about was a Biblical view of history.' Dina Shavtsova said that her husband's sentence - although on identical charges - is not directly connected with Pastor Vyazovsky's. 'But the authorities are punishing the same kind of activity - unapproved religious events.' Vitali Misevets, head of the Frunze district Ideology Department, claimed to Forum 18 that 'It's not absurd to deny permission for such a meeting. How do we know what 35 people were going to be discussing?' Fears have been expressed that Pentecostal Bishop Sergei Tsvor will be jailed on similar charges."

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