Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pastor arrested in Eritrea


April 19 (Compass Direct) - Besides the jailing of another Protestant pastor in February, authorities have also jailed 70 Muslims for opposing the government appointment of the chief mufti. Informed sources in Asmara confirmed in early April that the 70 Muslim prisoners arrested over the past two years are confined in one cell at the Wongel Mermera center. Most of the 28 jailed pastors and priests from the Protestant and Orthodox churches are also held at the Wongel Mermera center, where prison authorities have gathered them into one cell to keep them from "influencing other prisoners with the gospel." Asmara sources have confirmed the arrest of Pastor Daniel Heilemichel of the Charismatic Word of Power Church, taken from his home on February 23. "His wife is in great distress," a local Christian told Compass, noting that the couple had been married just a month prior to Heilemichel's arrest."
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