Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pray for Korea

North Korea is at the top of every list when it comes to repression, persecution, intolerance and the evil of its leadership. Open Doors is working in concert with other organizations in a two-fold effort: 1. To raise awareness in the international community of current conditions in North Korea and 2. to raise our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in North Korea in prayer. North Korea Freedom Week is April 22-30, 2006.

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"Wednesday: Planning

- Pray for a clear, Christ-inspired vision for North Korea Freedom Week.

- Pray for the planning of the week, and that God will speak truth through the organizations, churches and individuals who will be leading and guiding this event.

Thursday: The North Korean People

- Pray for the population of North Korea - the starving, the deprived, the persecuted, the imprisoned, the tortured, and above all, the unbelieving.

- Pray that this upcoming week will emphasize God's love for the North Korean people, and both encourage and challenge us all to pursue love, justice and righteousness as we act on behalf of the North Korean people.

Friday: The International Community

-Pray for God to begin working in the hearts of the international community that they might receive and respond to the situation in North Korea with love and conviction.

-Pray that the testimonies of defectors before congress during North Korea Freedom Week will compel politicians in the U.S. and around the world to take action in their diplomatic relations with the North Korean government.

Saturday: The Spiritual Battle

- Commission the angels to surround each event; pray that Satan's schemes will be frustrated and that God's name will be praised throughout this Freedom Week.

- Pray also for the awareness and action stirred by the Demonstration Against North Korea's Abduction of Citizens of Japan, South Korea, and other Nations that will be taking place in Washington DC.

Sunday: North Korea's Leadership

- Pray that God will soften and redeem the hearts of Kim Jong Il and his regime, and raise up other leaders with a knowledge of Christ to replace oppression and corruption with freedom and truth.

- Pray for the U.S. and South Korean governments to have the wisdom and the will to support human rights, including freedom of religion, for all North Koreans.

Monday: North Korean Prisoners

- Pray for the protection, nourishment and ultimate release of the 200, 000 prisoners who are being tortured, starved and experimented on in North Korea’s Stalinist-style prison camps.

- Pray for the thousands of Christians suffering in these camps—that Christ will use their testimony of love to draw His people to Himself.

Tuesday: Famine in North Korea

- Pray for the provision and nourishment of the North Korean people, that God will literally provide their daily bread, and for the continued work of the existing organizations able to distribute food to the people.

- Pray also that the hand of God would be working through both the North Korea Genocide Exhibit and the Congressional Hearing in Washington DC."

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