Wednesday, March 01, 2006

WEA RLP: Remember North Korea


On 16 February North Korea celebrated 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-il's birthday. North Korea remains one of the world's most cruel, politically and religiously repressed states. The regime runs a vast network of concentration camps where whole families to three generations are incarcerated. Few survive the forced hard labour, experiments, beatings and starvation. Kim has surrounded himself with an enormous guard corps and military whose personal loyalty is bought through daily provision of food, heating and other luxuries and privileges. Whilst propaganda has traditionally maintained
national loyalty, small degrees of openness are gradually rendering this less effective. This social situation is extremely delicate and dangerous. Please pray for openings and reforms so the Church may be freed and restored to bring healing to the people and the land, and for God to protect and sustain North Korea's incarcerated and underground Church, blessing and empowering her witness.

(Christian Solidarity Worldwide has a new website dedicated to mobilising prayer for North Korea at <>.)

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