Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If Abdul Rahman is released, he needs our prayers

CNN Alerts sent me an e-mail saying that Abdul Rahman, the Afghani convert from Islam to Christianity, may have been released. If this is so, he needs our prayers now more than ever.

Shari'a law (Islamic religious law, applied to everyday life) states that a sane male convert from Islam should be killed. Mullahs in Afghanistan have stated that if Rahman was released, they would stir up the people to "tear him into pieces". Our brother in Christ is in more danger than ever.

Barnabas Fund's "Right to Justice" campaign urges us to write our elected officials to pressure Islamic governments to protect their Christian minority citizens. Rahman is far from the only person in this situation. I personally am horrified at how little has been said on his behalf by "organized Christianity". The Pope spoke out for him, but many Western Christian organizations have been silent publicly. My opinion is that this is a betrayal of Christians under fire -- but sadly, I'm not surprised. I know first-hand how hard it is to get Christians to be 'fired up' or to take action on behalf of the Persecuted Church.

In an e-mail I received from Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, president of the Barnabas Fund, it said:

"Abdul Rahman is willing to die for Christ and for his fellow Christians. Can we do anything less than stand with him? There are times when God calls us to make a choice - to stand for what is right, for His Kingdom and for His people. If the Church does not back up this our brother in his courageous stance, she will come close to denying Christ. Abdul Rahman said, 'IF I MUST DIE, I WILL DIE. SOMEBODY, A LONG TIME AGO, DID IT FOR ALL OF US.'"

I wonder how many of us would say the same? Please remember Abdul Rahman in your prayers, but also remember those in China, Eritrea, India, Vietnam and many other countries who haven't received press exposure, but must also endure in chains.

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