Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Open Doors: Praise Items

He always answers prayer. Let's praise Him for His Mercy and Protection for those who are in danger and under persecution.

"Praise Reports

Vietnam:* Pham Ngoc Thach, a Vietnamese evangelist imprisoned for "resisting an officer doing his duty", was released today after completing a two-year sentence at a prison in Xuan Loc, Dong Nai province. Thach and the Rev. Nguyen Hong Quang were arrested in March 2004, after an attempt to report two undercover police agents who were staking out Quang's house. For two years, Thach was subjected to heavy labor and abuse, but he has recently been set free.
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Peru: * After serving 13 years for terrorist crimes he didn't commit, Walter Cubas was freed from Lima's maximum security Castro prison on February 1 as a parolee. Ministering to fellow evangelicals while in prison, Peruvian officials had accused Cubas of being a Shining Path subversive. However, during his imprisonment, some 1,000 cards and letters kept his hopes alive that the worldwide body of Christ hadn't forgotten him. Read More>>

Pakistan:* According to Compass Direct, the two Muslim seminarians responsible for the murder of a Pakistani Christian in Pakistan's Punjab province were finally brought to justice 22 months after Javed's death. Before a courtroom packed with Islamic madrassa (a school for teaching Islamic theology and religious law) students and police, Judge Javed Iqbal Warraich sentenced Maulvi Ghulam Rasool and Mohammed Tayyab to 25 years in prison for their part in torturing and killing Catholic university student Javed Anjum. Read More>>

Testimonies from the Field

Nigeria: (From a widow who lost her husband in the 2004 riots.)

"In addition to the help you have rendered to us, I want to assure you that I appreciate your prayers for us. May the good Lord continue to use you to encourage many others as you have done for my family. The entire Alheri Baptist Church Pajat wishes to express gratitude to God for revealing to you the needs of widows and also giving you the spirit of having concern for their physical and spiritual needs. May God prosper all of you who are undertaking our needs in Jesus’ name."

India: (Pastor Basant Giri is serving the Lord in the area where the Australian missionary, Graham Staines, was killed by fundamentalists. It is a difficult area for evangelism and ministry work.)

“My faith has been strengthened many fold. God knows how much we were in need of encouragement… God’s word is powerful and has removed all doubt. In such times of persecution, all by myself in the field, the thought sometimes comes to my mind that I am alone. But my belief has been strengthened to know that I am never alone. God is in control; He truly is!”

India: (Pastor Rai Singh Bhinde)

“We rejoice even though we are persecuted”; this is what I tell my congregation, “For the Lord is with us, and will carry us through these times of trouble.” In moments of trial, we may tend to lose hope, but God is always gracious. We are blessed that people so far away are praying for our safety and interceding for our lives’ sake.”

Indonesia: (GKKD Head of Synod Pastor Eduwar Moinyong said the following during the court hearing when the verdict for the three Christian ladies was pronounced:)

“I wish to express my appreciation for Open Doors’ commitment and support to my members and church workers who are now under fire. Your prayers are heartfelt; they carry us each day.”

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