Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Open Doors: India, China

"India: * Two recent accounts have been reported of targeted attacks on Christian women by Hindu villagers in the eastern state of West Bengal. In the first incident, six young men forced their way into the home of Kanai Kamelia, manhandling and trying to sexually assault his wife, Renuka Kamelia. The young men reviled the Kamelia family for attending a Christian prayer meeting. Renuka Kamelia, who bled profusely after the assault, later went to the Bhupathinagar police station, where police were said to have reluctantly registered her complaint. In the February 16th attack, 13 local residents attacked the wife of influential Christian leader Biman Bandhu Patra. Leading the attack was Patra's brother, who had long been upset about his decision to become a Christian. Read More>>

Please Pray:

- For the protection, healing and safety of these women and their families.

- That their attackers would see the love of Christ through the testimony of these faithful women.

- For the courage, perseverance and blessing of the persecuted Church in India, and for their ability to incessantly love and undergo persecution on behalf of Christ.

- That Jesus Christ would be praised within this nation.

Testimony from the Field

China: (from a pastor in North-central China) "On behalf of the local church leaders -- I would like to say thank you. Nevertheless, the needs in our county are great. We want to have the victory. Persecuted churches in our country need your prayers. I pray that whoever reads this letter will pray for our church groups here, and pray, too, that I shall serve Him with all my heart and be a faithful servant. I also pray that God will protect you with love and serve Him with faith.”

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