Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pray for Venezuela

Venezuela:* Complying with President Hugo Chavez's order to leave Venezuela's indigenous lands by today, the last two New Tribes Mission (NTM) workers left the area late last week. Chavez's edict, published in the Official Gazette last November 14, expelled NTM from indigenous lands in Venezuela. The tiny churches among Venezuela's indigenous peoples will be immediately affected, as it will now be necessary for the indigenous people to assume absolute leadership over churches and seminaries. "What we need to pray about is for these people who will take the leadership of their own people," said Samuel Olson, head of the Evangelical Council of Venezuela. Read More>>

Please join in prayer for:

- Empowerment of these tribal Christians in Venezuela to lead their churches and seminaries.

- Strength and courage to continue their witness to the community despite outside pressures.

- Godly teachers and anthropologists to enter these communities where specific missions groups were forced to leave.

- The nation of Venezuela, its government, leaders, and unbelieving population to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

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