Friday, February 24, 2006

Barnabas Fund starts new "Right to Justice" for Christian minorities

The Barnabas Fund has started a new campaign called "The Right to Justice".

From their site, here are some examples of what they are trying to prevent:

"A 7-year-old Pakistani Christian girl was gang-raped by her Muslim neighbours. Dozens of villagers were witnesses, but the police released the four men unpunished. When her father protested, the rapists framed him for murder.

In 2005 a Christian lecturer in Nigeria was accused of "assault on Muslim sisters and blasphemy against Allah and Islam". The lecturer had asked a female Muslim student to remove the covering over her face, as the Council for Legal Education rules prohibit clothing which concealed the identity of a student.

In Indonesia three Christian women have been imprisoned for allowing Muslim children to attend their after-school Christian children's club. The children's Muslim grandmother had asked if they could attend."

So often it is impossible for Christians in countries where they are minorities, or forbidden (China, for instance) to receive justice, not only in "criminal" matters, but also in simple basic life matters, such as custody, inheritance, being witnesses or having jobs or homes. Even in the Western media, injustice against Christians is rarely reported (which is part of why I do this blog), but let the Christians react and it will become a headline. For example, the conflict in the Sudan, which was largely Muslim north against the largely-Christian south, was reported as race against race, not one religion taking action against another.

Please go to the site below and sign the petition.

The Right to Justice - Home

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