Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Open Doors: Sri Lanka, Nigeria

Sri Lanka* Two churches in Sri Lanka were attacked last weekend as threats from Buddhist monks continued amid tensions between the government and Tamil rebels. In late January, a threatening mob gathered outside an Assembly of God church in Bolaththa, just north of Colombo, to demonstrate against them. Some from the mob returned the next day to the pastor's house, which is part of the church building, and shattered the windows by throwing stones. The next day, about 20 men brandishing rods and sticks walked into another AOG pastor's house, which was also part of a church building in Alpitiya, located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The pastor's wife and their three young children were at home alone when the intruders entered and demanded that they cease all Christian activities. Read More>>

Please join us in prayer for:

-The peace talks to resume between the government and the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) rebel group.

- An end to the Buddhist campaign focused on closing Christian Churches.

- The family of the pastors who were traumatized by the attacks.

- The healing of these communities and for the church body in Sri Lanka to continue to grow despite the opposition.

Nigeria* On October 10, 2003, the local Bakura town government gave notice to the pastor of St. Peter's Anglican Church in Zamfara state that his church would be demolished the following day. That marked the beginning of an assault by Islamic fundamentalists in Zamfara under the leadership of Gov. Alhaji Ahmed Sani through imposition of sharia (Islamic law). According to Compass Direct,14 churches are currently marked for demolition in Gusau town alone. “We have been served with demolition notices and even then, there have been announcements over the radio and television on the churches to be demolished,” said Rev. James Obi, secretary of the Zamfara chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria. “It is just a matter of time, and these churches will be no more.”
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Please join us in prayer for:

- The governor of Bakura. He wants the churches in his hometown destroyed. Pray for a change of his heart toward God and to not give the order to burn them down.

- The truth to be known in the Zamfara state. Currently many false reports have been made and our Christian brothers and sisters are suffering.

- Kabiru Lawal, a former Muslim who four months ago received Christ. He currently faces the death penalty and is in hiding.

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