Friday, February 10, 2006

From Open Doors - Prayer Items (Egypt, India)

Egypt:* Under the dual standards of Egyptian law, Christian citizens are free to legally convert to Islam, but Muslims are prohibited from changing their religion. According to Compass Direct two young Coptic Christian women, whose father had converted to Islam when they were infants, have won a court battle in Egypt to retain their official religious identity as Christians. In the final verdict, presiding Judge Farouk Ali Abdel Kader declared that the Muslim civil authorities had conducted a "non-justified intervention" which overstepped their authority by attempting to impose Islam upon the two plaintiffs. Read More>>

Please join us in prayer for:

- Integrity within the courts, that justice will continue to be administered for Christians caught within the laws of predominately Islamic Egypt.

- The faith and perseverance of the 10 percent of Egypt's population that is Coptic Christian.

- The ability of the Christian Church to love their Muslim countrymen.

- All Muslims in Egypt, that they might know Christ.

India:* A 50-person-strong Hindu mob attacked a new Catholic school and boarding hostel as the facility was inaugurated on Sunday, January 29 in Maharashtra state. The mob threw stones into the crowd, broke chairs and beat participants with sticks. Hindu extremists had asked the police three days before the opening ceremony not to allow the school to operate in Ghosali village. Despite this intimation of possible violence, police did not inform staff at the school and offered no protection for the event. The mob accused Catholic school staff of trying to convert their children by offering them education; they began to chant, "Leave! We don’t want Christians here!”
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Please join us in prayer for:

- The school, that it might be a “light” in the midst of darkness.

- The children of this school, that they might be loved and find Christ despite the persecution.

- The protection of Christians, and non-Christians alike, from acts of hatred by extremist groups.

- The strength of the Church, and its ability to care for its people, as well as those outside of the faith.

- Those men and women who hate and attack Christians, that they might find life and truth --- remember who Paul was before he answered the personal call to Christ.

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