Sunday, February 26, 2006

Eritrean Protestant Military Conscripts Jailed

I'm a little late on this one, but I think this calls for a letter to the President of Eritrea.

"February 2 (Compass) – Eritrean military authorities jailed 75 Protestant Christians yesterday at the Sawa Military Training Camp for 'reading Bibles and praying during their free time,' local sources in the small East Africa nation confirmed. Most of the newly arrested evangelicals, 37 of them women, are student youths doing their compulsory national military service at Sawa, a remote center near Eritrea’s mountainous western border with Sudan. The 75 young conscripts put under 'military detention and punishment' had not attempted to conduct any Christian meeting at Sawa or committed any other transgression of military law. 'In Sawa, to possess your own Bible and keep your personal devotion and loyalty to Christ is not allowed,' an Eritrean Christian told Compass. 'This is considered an act of Christian extremism.'"

Here's his address:

His Excellency Issayas Afewerki
President of Eritrea
Office of the President
P.O. Box 257

Remember to keep letters simple, courteous and factual. Here's a
link to a letter written about journalists which I think sets the right tone and is a good example. Airmail Letter Post to Eritrea from the US is only $.84 and takes 4-7 days.

If you'd prefer fax or e-mail, the only thing I could find was
this page, which had contacts to Eritrean embassies in Washington, London and Ottawa. If anyone can supply direct connects to the President, please forward them to me and I'll publish them.

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