Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Open Doors: Gaza (direct post)

Healthy Daughter Born to Pauline Ayyad in Gaza

Pauline Ayyad gave birth to her first daughter on Monday, February 4, at a hospital in Gaza. She named her baby girl Sama, which means “heaven” in Arabic. Sama has two older brothers: George (2) and Wisam (1). Because of her weight (4 lbs.), Sama was put in an incubator after her birth; she was released from the hospital on February 6.

This great joy is overshadowed by the death of Sama’s father, Rami Ayyad, who was found murdered this past October because of his position as manager of the Bible Society Bookshop in Gaza.

Gaza is in a state of turmoil, so giving birth under these circumstances was an especially emotional event for Pauline and her close family and friends. Thankfully, the hospital’s electricity and medical equipment were all functional, and the Caesarean-section birth progressed without any complications. Pauline and Sama are both doing fine.

Please pray:
  • Praise the Lord for delivering such great joy through the birth of this precious little girl, and please pray for good health for Sama and a quick recovery for Pauline. (Psalm 100:4)
  • Pray that Pauline experiences the deep joy and happiness of receiving this miracle out of God’s hands! Pray that Sama will be a source of great encouragement for Pauline. (Colossians 1:16)
  • Pray that close family and friends will know how they can best support Pauline and her children as they cope with this complex situation. (Numbers 11:17)

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