Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Open Doors: Pakistan, Indonesia

Mob Violence Targets Pakistani Christians Based on False Rumors that a Group of Christians Had Attacked Muslims and Insulted Muhammad

Stoning houses and torturing Christian men, women and children, approximately 2,000 Muslims attacked one Christian neighborhood, according to Compass Direct News. Dozens of believers were injured and others were driven away from their homes. Ratan Masih, a handicapped Christian, was unable to flee the mob and was badly beaten. Accused of committing “blasphemy” against Muhammad and triggering anti-Christian violence, four Christians have gone into hiding while a fifth, Salamat Masih, remains in police custody.*
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Please Pray:

  • For healing and protection for Ratan Masih and the others who were beaten in this attack. Jeremiah 33:6
  • That the accusations against these Christians will be dropped and that justice will be served and truth will prevail in this situation. Exodus 23:2
  • For the faith and testimony of Pakistani believers who must face these kinds of trials on a daily basis, and that Jesus Christ will be known by others through them. 1 Corinthians 1:6

Justice in Indonesia’s Religious Conflicts Appears Uneven

Justice dispensed in Indonesia’s religious conflicts seems to favor Muslims over Christians. The Muslim extremists responsible for the beheading of three Christian teenagers in Poso received sentences of 14-20 years in prison. Less than two weeks after this verdict was handed down, 12 Christians went on trial for the murder of two Muslims. These murders took place during violent protests that followed the execution of three Catholics whose roles in a Muslim massacre were far less clear than that of the extremists responsible for the beheadings. Conflict between Muslim and Christian communities has continued in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia since 2000, with the majority of victims being Christians.*Read More>>

Please Pray:

  • For justice in Indonesia—that Christians will be given fair trials and sentences. Psalm 7:6

    That Indonesian Christians will never stop acting justly and loving mercy, even when they do not receive justice or mercy themselves. Micah 6:8

    That the truth will reign in Indonesia, and that the suffering of the saints will draw many sons and daughters to glory in Christ. Psalm 43:3

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