Tuesday, April 03, 2007

From Global Council of Indian Christians: Police Approval Required for Prayers

Prayer Meeting Disturbed, Pastor Arrested in South India
Global Council of Indian Christians

India (Persecution Update India) – A group of radicals trespassed into the home of Mr. Athishay Raj on 27th March afternoon in Moodbidri in Dakshina Kannada Dist., while a prayer meeting was progressing and forced the believers to leave the home. The band of mischief mongers attacked the Christian believers.

The attack and hate mongering followed a clear pattern:

1. Create a scene to demonize Christians with allegation of conversion and now even terrorism?
2. A mob attacked the Christians assembled peacefully and forced the district administration to arrest the pastors
3. Term prayer meetings as conversion activity and create a smoke screen to legitimize attacks
4. Prepare lower level gullible police officials to dance according to the tunes of radicals.
5. Involve vernacular media to whip up passion and hate and project Christians as outlaws
6. Cause damage to the ministries and pastors and services as anti-national

7. Political pressure is used to convert the victims of attack as villains and the real culprit who has breached peace and harmony becomes a hero at the cost of the innocent Christians

Now even the police have gone to the extent of demanding police permission for prayers in the private homes in Dakshina Kannada.

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