Friday, March 23, 2007

Open Doors: Sudan Training Center

Open Doors Training in Southern Sudan Unifying Church

In the last issue of Frontline Faith, we reported on the fragile peace currently in place in Southern Sudan. And the need to move quickly to complete the multi-purpose Emmanuel Christian Training Center (ECTC) while this peace is still in place.

Just days after our report, a devastating fire swept through the Center, making your prayers and support for the ECTC more urgent than ever. Fortunately no one was injured and the new construction work was spared.

One of the reasons why the ECTC is so vital is the impact it is having on unifying Christians across Southern Sudan.

Pastors being trained by Open Doors have expressed deep appreciation for the opportunity to be brought together. While the pastors are from various tribes…and even different denominations…the training they have received has resulted in barriers being broken down, misunderstandings being resolved, and a realization of their oneness in the Body of Christ.
The end result has been a commitment to serve together…for the sake of the Gospel…rather than being divided!

One of the challenges these pastors now face is the growing threat from radical Islam. These courageous pastors fear people will be persuaded to become Muslims because the Islamic leaders promise to provide free schooling and free healthcare…under the condition that those who utilize these services become Muslims.

So please pray for these brave pastors. Pray for them to stand strong in unity regardless of tribal or denominational affiliation. And pray that they may stand boldly in the power of Christ against the ongoing threats from radical Islam.

And thank you for your support of the completion of the Emmanuel Christian Training Center. Because of your prayers and gifts, leaders of the persecuted Church will be trained…and there will be a powerful witness throughout Southern Sudan for the Gospel!

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