Tuesday, March 20, 2007

CALL TO ACTION: Intercede with Egyptian government on behalf of jailed convert

Open Doors is sponsoring a petition to be faxed to the Egyptian government on behalf of El-Akkad, former Muslim Sheik who is still in prison for converting to Christianity.

El-Akkad has been freed by the courts, but the Egyptian government refuses to release him. He is suffering from high blood pressure and a skin disorder (neither of which is being treated while he is in prison).

From the Open Doors e-mail:

"Egyptians born into Christian families have the freedom to practice their faith and are allowed to convert to Islam and practice Islam. But Egyptian Muslims do not have the freedom to become Christians or to practice Christianity if they secretly convert.

This is called a double standard. This standard has robbed El-Akkad of his freedom. Let’s approach the Egyptian government about this on his behalf."

The page to send the fax is
http://members.opendoorsusa.org/site/R?i=6ecP3amPGCYmF-o0rjm7Dw . Please take a moment to fill in the form and petition the Egyptian government on behalf of El-Akkad.

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