Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Open Doors: Turkmenistan

My Note:

This is a particularly important change in power. The Turkmenbashi had set himself up as a focus of worship, which included a statue, a temple and writing his own "bible", required reading for all Turkmen.

The right new leader could make a great deal of difference to believers living in this country. jma


For many Turkmen, President Niyazov (alias Turkmenbashi, Father of the Turkmen) was and still is the great leader who brought prestige, identity and respect to his country. Yet other Turkmen hoped for a change in society when Turkmenbashi died unexpectedly on December 21, 2006. On February 11, presidential elections will be held. The current interim president has become a candidate, promising reforms in the educational system, improved living standards, and accessibility of information. However, he is silent about changes in the political system, freedom of the press, and the release of political prisoners. Since he has come to power, interrogations and arrests have not decreased, and ethnic Turkmen who leave Islam and become Christians continue to face humiliation and psychological pressure from Muslim clergy and authorities. Read More>>

Please Pray:

For the outcome of the elections—that a God-fearing leader will be elected to lead the nation into a new dawn where freedom, justice, and truth are triumphant. Jeremiah 30:21

That the election process will remain peaceful, without civil fighting or power struggles. Psalm 133:1

That God will be glorified by the faith and testimonies of His Turkmen followers, and be moved to have compassion and mercy on this nation, delivering the oppressed, restoring the broken and transforming the hearts of the lost and of the oppressors. Isaiah 42:1

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