Thursday, February 15, 2007

Open Doors: Israel


Gaza’s Fatah-controlled police force removed the last five officers stationed at Gaza Baptist Church, the only evangelical church in Gaza. Fatah security forces seized the church on February 2 as a watch point and sniper nest against Hamas militants. Gaza Baptist’s pastor, Hanna Massad, canceled services February 4 due to heavy street fighting. Though fighting waned during power-sharing talks between the two groups vying for Gaza’s control, Fatah police told Massad that it would retain some of its troops within the building for fear of Hamas take-over. Massad told Open Doors that the soldiers left late last week following an apparent breakthrough in the talks. Despite damages to the building, the church was able to hold morning and evening services on February 11. Read More>>

Please Pray:

For divine protection over the Gaza Baptist Church from any future violence or disruptions that would interfere with the ministry and fellowship of these believers. Psalm 127:1

That Pastor Massad and his congregation will be strengthened and encouraged to persevere despite the instability that surrounds them, and that their God-given love and compassion for the non-Christians around them will intensify, emboldening them to further put their faith into action. Acts 4:29

That the Gaza Baptist Church will continue to be a beacon of Christ’s unconditional and unrelenting love for His people. Matthew 5:14-16

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