Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Open Doors: India, Iran


* On May 31, a district court of Madhya Pradesh state acquitted 16 Christians accused of killing Arjun Pal, a Hindu fundamentalist. His death occurred in the violence that erupted after the body of a young girl was found inside a Catholic school in Jhabua in 2004. The Alirajpur sessions court acquitted the Christians, with the judge citing lack of evidence and saying prosecutors had fabricated testimonies against the accused. According to Indira Iyengar, member of the Madhya Pradesh Minorities Commission, Arjun Pal was killed on January 16, 2004 by one of his own group in the confusion that followed a mob attack on Christians. The extremists then put Pal�s body into a jeep and rushed away, later accusing the Christians of killing him.
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Praise God that these sixteen Christians were acquitted of the death of Arjun Pal!

Please pray:

-For our brothers who have spent the last two years in jail--that they will not harbor any resentment but would experience complete emotional healing and express forgiveness.

-For the family to be healed from the trauma as their loved ones return home.

-For protection from any more violence in the area and that the acquittal will not be challenged.

-For Christians to share their faith and love to all Hindus and that many will come to the Lord through their testimonies.


* An Iranian Christian, who converted from Islam 33 years ago, is under arrest and interrogation in Northern Iran, where secret police have held him for the past few weeks. According to Compass Direct, Ali Kaboli, 51, was taken into custody on May 2 in Iran’s northern province of Golestan. To date no charges have been filed. In the past, Kaboli has been charged for holding “illegal” religious meetings in his home. He could also be charged for converting to Christianity, which under Iran’s apostasy laws, calls for the death penalty. “Everyone knew that his house was under control [police surveillance] for many years,” an Iranian Christian now living abroad said. “They even pushed him to leave the country about three years ago, but he told them he preferred to stay inside the country, even if it meant living in an Iranian jail.”
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Please pray:

-That Ali will stand strong during his time in jail and that he will have opportunities to share his faith with the guards.

-That the Church in Northern Iran will serve as a bold witness for the Lord.

-That Ali will be released from jail and that all charges against him will be dropped.

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