Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fax and Write for North Korea

"Open Doors USA is leading a campaign on behalf of the North Korea Freedom Coalition to focus attention on the violent repatriation of North Korean refugees by the Chinese government.

Most of these refugees have fled to China to escape starvation and persecution in their homeland.

In violation of international law, China is seizing these refugees and forcefully sending them back to North Korea where they face torture, prison or labor camps, and sometimes even execution for having fled their homeland.

Please join the
Fax and Pray Campaign to save these North Korean refugees!

By faxing a letter to the Chinese Ambassador, you’ll be making your voice heard on behalf of the thousands of refugees currently hiding in China!

Please join us during the week of June 19-25 to
fax individual letters to China’s Ambassador to the USA, urging China to stop its policy of repatriating North Korean refugees whom they know will be maltreated.

Thank you for your prayers and support! "

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