Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Prayer Requests - Uzbekistan, India

"Uzbekistan: A "documentary" televised regionally in Uzbekistan last summer has left entire communities convinced that a Protestant congregation is an "extremist" group worse than fundamentalist Islam according to Compass Direct. Entitled "Zalolat" (Disaster), the 22-minute "expose" sensationalized a police raid last June against the Full Gospel Church in Urgench, capital of Khorezm province in northwest Uzbekistan. Interspersing scenes from the raid with interviews with local police, judicial and Muslim officials, the program represented Pastor Ruzmet Voisov and his congregation as "Christian extremists" guilty of breaking the laws of Uzbekistan and trying to destroy national stability. "After people saw this program," one Uzbek Christian in the region told Compass, "some of them told us, "The Wahhabis are much better than you." Read More

Please join us in prayer for:

- Courage for Uzbek Christians to worship and fellowship together

- The truth about this deceitful documentary to be made known

- This documentary, that it will not be successful in deterring Muslims from learning more about the Christian faith

India: A number of key Christian leaders recently called on the Indian government to ban or strictly supervise a massive Hindu "reawakening" event to be held in the tribal district of Dangs, Gujarat state, February 11-13. At least 500,000 Hindus are expected to attend. Rights groups fear the event may unleash a wave of violence against tribal Christians and animists. Hindu extremist groups have organized the event and expect it to generate enough momentum to trigger thousands of Christians to turn “back to the Hindu fold.” They have also published materials calling for the destruction of the Christian faith in the same way that the Hindu god Ram destroyed the demon Ravana in the Hindu scriptures.

Please join us in prayer for:

- Protection for Christians during and after the “Reawakening” event

- Christians to stand firm against Hindu proselytizing

- God to confound the purposes of this entire event

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