Wednesday, January 25, 2006

From Open Doors - India, Eritrea

India: At this time last year, Noor Jehan Ahmed, 55, lived peacefully in the village of Nagaon, in the northeastern state of Assam, where her extended household of 29 people form a Christian enclave within the predominantly Muslim community. This peaceful co-existence dissipated when a Muslim father, angry over his daughter's relationship with a Christian man, hatched a conspiracy accusing Ahmed of forced conversion. Her family was shattered and she spent two months in prison. Court cases are still pending and the community is now clearly divided on religious lines. Read More

Please join us in prayer for:

- An abundance of courageous Christian leaders in India just like Noor Jehan Ahmed, who has political connections in Congress.

- The division in the village to end peacefully.

- For Noor Jehan's family home, that was burned, to be quickly rebuilt.

- For God's presence to bring them comfort during this difficult time.

Eritrea: The government-controlled Holy Synod of the Eritrean Orthodox Church last week served formal notice to Abune Antonios that he is no longer the patriarchal head of the nation's largest religious body. According to Compass Direct, Patriarch Antonios immediately rejected the notice, announcing that he was excommunicating or suspending those who signed his arbitrary dismissal order. Since last August, when the Eritrean government stripped Antonios of his ecclesiastical authority and forbade him to administrate the affairs of the church, the patriarch has remained under virtual house arrest at his residence in Asmara. Sources confirmed to Compass that if the patriarch continues to challenge the government, -orchestrated takeover of his church, most people expect him to be arrested soon.
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Please join us in prayer for:

- Greater awareness around the world of the desperate situation our brothers and sisters are facing in Eritrea.

- Protection for Chirstians and a bold faith to stand firm against their government’s attempts discourage them worshipping Jesus Christ.

- That Antonios will not be jailed but instead be reinstated in his position as the patriarchal head of the Eritrea’s largest religious body.

- Comfort and peace for our many jailed brothers and sisters as well as their families who suffer at what their loved ones are enduring. Pray that God will soon set these prisoners free.

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