Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Getting Permission to Build a Church

(Source: Open Doors)


Following the closure of scores of churches in the past two years, the Indonesian government is revising a controversial law that regulates places of worship. But Christian leaders fear the changes would do little to keep Muslim communities from blocking or shutting down churches. The original 1969 decree requires all religious groups to apply for permits before setting up a place of worship. Neighbors in the immediate vicinity of a proposed church, mosque or Hindu temple must give their consent before a permit is granted. Under proposed revisions, community members would be given even greater power to determine whether a church could be established. Read More>>

Please join us in prayer:

-That the Muslim majority will not be allowed to decide whether a church will be built. That the government will allow permits to be issued to Christian groups so that they can build new churches.

-The Christian leaders who continue to be faithful and continue to build churches and hold meetings...Pray for a peaceful resolution to this situation.

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