Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Here's a chance to help - Eritrea

From Open Doors:

"I'm writing to ask for your help in speaking out for persecuted Christians.

Open Doors has started an E-Petition for Eritrea to gather signatures protesting the terrible religious persecution in the East African nation of Eritrea.

Currently 26 evangelical pastors and 1,778 Eritrean Christians remain jailed in military confinement camps, police stations and metal shipping containers for meeting secretly to pray and worship outside government-approved churches. Many have been subjected to repeated torture and mistreatment and kept in miserable conditions for months or even years in an effort to force them to recant their faith. Their whereabouts remain unknown in most cases, and their families are denied access to them.

Please join me in signing the E-Petition for Eritrea as we use or voices to support our persecuted brothers and sisters. To learn more about this situation, please visit our new Advocacy Alert section of the website."

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