Thursday, November 10, 2005

Action Item - North Korea

When Christians are arrested for their faith, only occasionally is that the charge. Often, treason or sedition charges are filed, as in the case of Indonesian pastor Rinaldy Damanik, later released. Such is the case with the situation below. Please ask for postcards from Jubilee and send them when you get them, or, if Jubilee is not providing postcards for your country, ask for details and make your own.



By Jeremy Reynalds
Special Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

GUILDFORD, UNITED KINGDOM (ANS) -- A North Korean church leader is facing the death penalty after being arrested on charges of plotting to overthrow the government.

According to Jubilee Campaign, a British human rights organization, Seong Jeun Moon, 64, was taken into custody by North Korean State Security Agency officers in Peeyeong Gun, in the Pyongan Province of North Korea.

Moon, leader of an underground church in North Korea, and a number of his brothers and sisters, have also been arrested and questioned.

Jubilee Campaign, a British human rights organization, has launched a postcard campaign to draw attention to his plight. The charge of treason carries the death penalty, Jubilee Campaign reported. The organization’s appeal for clemency towards Moon and his family urges the North Korean Government to free him and to permit freedom of religion in North Korea.

[The] interrogation of Moon was nearly completed as of early Sept., Jubilee Campaign reported, and has gone on in secret. Past cases of a similar nature have led Jubilee Campaign to believe that Moon and many others could quite possibly be executed.

The Jubilee Campaign postcards have been addressed to Ambassadors at the United Nations as well as Britain and also directly to North Korean President Kim Jung Il.

To receive postcards, please contact Jubilee Campaign by e-mail at

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