Monday, January 26, 2009

Mexican Church Facing Lawsuit for Speaking Out - OneNewsNow (Direct Post)

Charlie Potts
OneNewsNow (1/24/09)

Mexican socialists are threatening the Catholic Church for opposing abortion, homosexual "marriage," and euthanasia. Mexico's Social Democratic Party members say they will file suit if the church does not keep quiet.

Dr. Gary Cass of the
Christian Anti-Defamation Commission says the socialists are practicing humanist religion. "So it's just basically an example of one religion trying to lord over another religion, and it's a violation of any sense of equity and fairness," he explains. Cass adds that the church cannot afford to be intimidated into submission. "The church has a responsibility to God to speak to all issues as it pertains to our values: our family values, our corporate values, the activities of the church," he notes. He says a good example is John the Baptist "who spoke out against Herod because of living in open adultery." "It cost John the Baptist his head," Cass points out.

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