Thursday, August 28, 2008

One News Now: India (Direct Post)

Violence against Christians continues in one state in eastern India in the wake of the murder of an anti-Christian activist.

This past weekend a top leader in the World Hindu Council was killed by a mob of 20 men suspected of being Maoist rebels. Since then, other leaders of the World Hindu Council have incited followers to go on a rampage against Christians in India's Orissa state. At least eight people have been killed, including six members of churches affiliated with
Gospel for Asia. GFA reports that the buildings of at least 15 of its churches -- and the homes of more than 125 church members -- have been burned. GFA founder and president K.P. Yohannan encourages Christians around the world to pray for and help those affected by the rioting. He recalls when Jesus pleaded with his disciples to remain awake for at least one hour, waiting with him in prayer. "Which means he is saying, 'I'm in great pain and great sorrow. Share my suffering,'" Yohannon says. "And I think as believers, in a free nation like this, we need to be asking the Lord to give us a burden to understand the pain and suffering of multitudes of Christians, our brothers and sisters, and [to] pray for them. [Perhaps to] take a day of the week to fast and pray for them."

Hindu extremists are blamed for torching a Christian orphanage and raping and murdering a nun. In an online video address, the ministry leader also shares that they know nothing of the whereabouts of dozens of their GFA missionaries.

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