Thursday, March 13, 2008

Open Doors: Somalia (Direct Post)

Hawa Ahmed has survived 17 years of war in Somalia . At 30 she is the mother of 3 small children. Until the recent fighting near her home in Mogadishu , she and her husband were making a living by selling fruit in the market. As the fighting broke out, it got more and more dangerous to stay, so they fled with hundreds of others to a makeshift camp on the outskirts of war-torn, war-tired Mogadishu which was once Somalia 's beautiful and prosperous capital.
The 19 mile long road in Somalia from the edge of Mogadishu to the town of Afgooye is filled with camps for displaced people. Family after family has been crammed into tiny shelters made of bent twigs and scraps of cloth. Hawa is tired and thin. She says, "I have never begged, but I am close to it now."

Somalia is currently Number 12 on Open Doors 2008 World Watch List of most persecuted countries in the world. Due to the high risk to both missionaries and converts Open Doors has in the past been cautious when communicating about Somalia. It is time to break the silence - Somalia desperately needs change. Register to receive the monthly prayer points beginning April 1st. Be a part of the global prayer campaign.

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