Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Open Doors: Turkish Widow Needs Your Letters (Direct Post)

Send Letters to Semse and Her Children
Semse Aydin lost her husband, Pastor Necati Aydin, as he was tortured and murdered in a Christian publishing house in Malatya, Turkey on April 18, 2007. Ceker, one of the suspects, who recently went to trial, exclaims that he told the judge that the confrontation turned “tense” when Aydin, who pastored a small congregation in Malatya, declared to the five young Muslims, “We are all the children of Jesus.” Read full story
Semse could use some encouragement right now. She is raising two beautiful young children, Elisa (7) and Ester (6), who miss their father dearly. You can send letters to Semse and her children through Open Doors. Keep in mind that Semse and her children only speak Turkish, so letters and pictures from your own children are greatly appreciated in lieu of long letters that will require translation. Please see our letter writing guidelines for more information.

Send all letters to:

Open Doors
ATTN: Semse Aydin and Family
PO Box 27001
Santa Ana, CA 92799

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