Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Open Doors - Vietnam

Widow in Vietnam Stoned After Spreading the Gospel

Lien (44) is a widow with four children. After her husband died, she began a business selling soap, toilet paper, and sugar. When Lien became a Christian in 2004, she saw the opportunity to tell others about the love of God through her small store. More than 100 tribal people came to know Christ as a result of ministry through her business. The district police soon heard that she was spreading the gospel while conducting her business and have since summoned her for interrogation on numerous occasions. However, none of this deterred her from continuing with her ministry.

One night, after holding a Bible study in her home, 10 teenage boys began throwing rocks at her house. When Lien tried to stop them, the boys began to stone her, knocking her unconscious.

Lien was rushed to the nearest hospital, and though she needed a few stitches, she suffered no serious injuries. Open Doors co-workers were able to spend time with her after the attack, encouraging her and praying with her, as well as helping her pay her medical expenses.
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Please pray:

For Lien—for a quick and full recovery, and that this incident will only strengthen her in her devotion to God and her dedication to reaching out to the lost. Psalm 89:21

That this will also strengthen and deepen the faith of her children, and that Lien’s testimony will encourage them to live intentionally for Christ and His purposes in the world. Psalm 92:12

That the new believers won’t be discouraged by this incident, but will instead be spurred on towards a deeper relationship with the Lord, and that the church in Vietnam will grow as a result. 1 Thessalonians 3:2

That the 10 boys who stoned her will also come to know Christ. Luke 23:34

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