Wednesday, January 31, 2007

VOM: Uzbekistan

Uzbek secret police arrested Protestant Pastor Dmitry Shestakov at his church from Andijan last weekend, seven months after a regional prosecutor had accused him of committing high treason. Apparently, now accused of “incitement of national, racial and religious enmity” under Article 156 of Uzbekistan’s penal code, he could face up to five years in prison if he is convicted. According to Compass Direct News, authorities began to harass him in May 2006, apparently in reaction to the conversion to Christianity of some ethnic Uzbeks. In November, U.S. Ambassador for Religious Freedom John Hanford announced the addition of Uzbekistan to Washington’s annual list of Countries of Particular Concern for its “abysmal record on religious freedom and other human rights.” * Read More>>

Please Pray:

For Pastor Shestakov—for his physical well-being, sustained faith, and perseverance; also pray that he will be released from all the charges held against him. Psalm 31:1-5

For all Uzbek Christians who face similar threats and dangers as the climate of religious and human rights abuse escalates. Revelation 13:10

That the powerful truth of God will rain down on Uzbekistan, that justice will fill the streets again, and that the fear of God will be put in the hearts of the Uzbek government so that all the people might praise His holy name. Revelation 14:7

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