Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Open Doors: Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Monwar, a former Muslim who embraced the Christian faith and was baptized three months ago in Tangail district, Bangladesh, has been faced with increasing persecution. Recently his own uncle, Juran, (a Muslim) filed several false charges against Monwar and his family. One of the false charges is recounted below:

"Monwar is an armed gangster, creating atrocities in the village. On July 12, at 9 o'clock in the morning, Monwar was trying to build a pillar on our land, which he illegally acquired. My wife, Kohinur, who was pregnant at that time, came to stop him. Monwar caught her by her hair, kicked her in her belly, and stabbed her with a heavy iron knife on the chest, clearly intent on killing her."

Kohinur was indeed injured and is hospitalized in serious condition, but it was not Monwar's doing. Monwar has denied all of the charges against him.
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Please Pray:

-For Monwar and his family, that the truth will prevail by God's mighty power.
-For their protection from physical harm, and encouragement directly from our Heavenly Father.
-For Kohinur: She is in serious condition and there is a danger of miscarriage. Ask Jesus to spare the life of her and her baby. Please pray also for her salvation.
-For the believers in Tangail District, that the presence of Jesus Himself will give them more faith and power to maintain their witness in spite of persecution. "

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