Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Open Doors: China, India


The Zhongmu City People's Court sentenced Chinese house church pastor Zhang Rongliang to seven and a half years in prison. Zhang is a key leader of the China for Christ house church movement. He was arrested by police without charges on December 1, 2004. Months later was he charged with 'attaining a passport through cheating' and with 'illegal border crossing.' Zhang's lawyer was not optimistic about an appeal. Pastor Zhang's wife, Chen Hongxian, was shocked at the verdict. 'Who would have thought the outcome would be this bad?' Chen said. 'It is the Communist Party's court, not the People's Court, that makes the real decision.' Pastor Zhang has five chronic diseases, including high blood pressure and severe diabetes. Chen has asked the international Christian community to continue praying for her husband. Previously Zhang had spent a total of 12 years in prison for his religious activities.

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Please Pray For:
- Pastor Zhang, that he will be paroled quickly because of his poor health, and receive mercy even at the hands of his enemies.
- Pastor Zhang's wife, that God will provide comfort and peace during this uncertain time.
- The underground Church in China, especially for those who minister to God's flock."

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