Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pakistan, again

It is frustrating to hear Pakistan lauded to the skies for allying with the United States concerning the War in Iraq. Over the past several years, Pakistan has passed (and subsequently intended to change -- which they haven't, so far) a law that made sharing the Gospel equivalent to maligning Mohammed, imprisoned several folks for converting and generally made the lives of believers in its borders miserable.

Voice of the Martyrs
(VOM) reports that Christian homes near Peshawar have been attacked by radical Muslims. (Story here.) This is hardly the first time this sort of action has occurred and probably won't be the last. But it is painful to know that the United States government is unconcerned by this sort of behavior on the part of our erstwhile allies (it's hard to believe they're unaware of it) .

On the other hand, we routinely close our eyes to this behavior among the Saudis, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised after all.

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